Drops #004

A New Day

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Tishk Barzanji


About The Drop

A New Day is a celebration of the Solar Equinox, the first day of Spring celebrated for thousands of years by the Kurdish and Persian communities.

This series is created as a tribute my native Kurdistan, in the cradle of civilization.

We enter a new epoch of human civilization with blockchain, Space, AI, Global Warming.

What is our relationship to this new world order? Noruz means "A New Day"

artist profile

Tishk's art is inspired by his childhood in Kurdistan, and early adult years in London, where he moved in 1997. The first few years in London were an eye-opener, where his passion for architecture and art began. Surrounded by the rich cultures of London and this new environment, shaped his ideas.

He later went on to study Fine Art at Richmond upon Thames College, and Physics at Loughborough University. Since 2017, he has worked with Rockefeller, New York Times, V & A museum, Somerset house, NET-A-PORTER, Gucci, and most recently featured in British Vogue.

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